About Mustang Tennis

Welcome to Redmond Tennis!

Coaches Bryan Rowley and Brian Schnierer are looking forward to the coming season. Mustang Tennis is about being positive, working hard to improve, being part of a team, having integrity, and being competitive. Each practice will have a purpose or a goal of improving or fine-tuning a weakness, or hopefully building on a strength. As coaches, we hope to help you improve your game, support academic success, and foster a fun, positive and competitive team environment.

Please remember to...

  • Bring a positive attitude and hard work ethic to practice every day.
  • Be on time. Know your practice and match schedule.
  • Notify us if you have to miss a practice or match and if you are going to be late. Unexcused absences will result in a loss of playing time.
  • Keep your coaches informed of any injuries. If you tell us you are injured, we will respect your health above all else. We do not expect anyone to play through an injury.
  • Encourage and cheer for one another. All team members are required to attend all matches and remain at the match until its conclusion. High school tennis spirit is unique. Encourage each other to strengthen and celebrate the team.
  • Represent Redmond High School well. Others will judge Redmond when they meet you. Mustangs have integrity at all times, exhibit sportsmanship, support our teammates, and have fun doing so.
  • Work hard and have fun. Tennis is great fun so enjoy yourself and each other. Hard work and commitment will pay off, so practice hard. But also strengthen friendships and start a few new ones by enjoying your time on the courts.

Attendance Policy

  • Communicate with your coaches if you are going to be tardy or absent for any reason.
  • Multiple tardies will result in a practice and/or match suspension.
  • An unexcused absence will result in a one match suspension (cannot attend).
  • An unexcused absence from a match will result in a one week suspension from all team related activities.
  • Two unexcused absences will be grounds fro being cut from the program.
  • Players are expected to remain and cheer for their team until the match is completed. Please do not leave early. Football, volleyball, basketball, and baseball players do not leave games early…tennis is no different. We are a team.

Challenge Rules

  • Initial seeding set by coach using previous year ending ladder, tryout observations, and intra-squad match play.
  • Players may not make consecutive upward challenges. After challenging up they must take a challenge from below before challenging up again.
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate challenge matches, but challenges may not be scheduled depending on weather, match schedule, practice needs.
  • Players may challenge up no more than three spaces.
  • Challenge matches may be played on a Saturday, if both players agree.
  • Players must make challenge requests the day before the challenge is to be played.

Lettering Policy

To earn a varsity letter, a player must participate in at least two matches. The varsity squad will be made up of ten players but injury (if a varsity player is injured or away, one or more JV players may be asked to play with the varsity while the varsity player is out).

Preparing for the Match

  • Stay well hydrated. Drink water or an electrolyte sport drink like Gatorade.
  • Eat a light, high carb snack one to two hours before your match.
  • Avoid high fat foods and heavy meals within three hours of you match.
  • Actively warm up for at least ten minutes.
  • Have your cards with you on the court. Use them when you get stressed.
  • A good warm-up will help calm you down.
  • Visualize proper technique.
  • Focus on strategy and once on the court carefully observe the ball. Identify the spin. This will increase the level of our concentration and you will forget about the score and ease your anxiety.


  • Before Practice
    • Eat a very light natural snack like a banana or apple.
    • See trainer for ice or taping.
    • Fill water bottle.
  • Start of Practice
    • Be on the courts and ready to practice at the starting time.
    • Dress appropriately. Prepare for cold and wind.
  • During Practice
    • Analyze play from previous matches.
    • Identify weaknesses and drill accordingly
    • Situational play
    • Intra-squad matches
    • Challenge matches
    • Games
    • Be enthusiastic
    • Focus on proper form
    • Stay hydrated
    • Stay for the entire practice. Never leave until you’ve made contact with your coach.
  • After Practice
    • Take your gear home.
    • Please keep the courts trash free.
    • Within 30 minutes, recover with food or drink containing protein and carbohydrates-chocolate milk is the best!