Things to do before the first practice on 3/2

1) Play lots of tennis
2) Make sure your parent creates a Final Forms account and fills out all the forms, pays fee and then…..
3) Check your email to create your own Final Forms account.
4) Schedule and get a physical if you need one.
5) Fill out and turn in the medical history form (found on final forms)
6) Check out this website for the practice and match schedule.
7) Outdoor practices: 3-5PM, Indoor practices: 3-4:15PM. Everyday including Wednesdays.
8) Play more tennis
9) Make sure to get your doctors and dentist completed prior to the beginning of the season so you don’t have any conflicts with practices/matches.

Any questions! Email Coach Rowley at: or come and visit Coach Rowley in E208.

2019/20 Girls Spring Tennis Practice Schedule:

March 2 to the End of Season
Outdoor practices: 3pm - 5pm.
Indoor practices: 3pm - 4:15pm.
Everyday including Wednesdays.

Click here for the JV match schedule

Click here for the Varsity match schedule